Stylist Kolo Kevin, knows the importance of having your individual image be a match for the person you want to represent more than ever, it’s certain that image styling can give you that edge.

Whether you want to increase your confidence, and take the maximum result out of your daily lives, to look good and refresh the way how people see you, working on your dress code or simply brush up on your current image. Stylist Kolo Kevin can help you do just that.


In a world where image is everything, the wrong image or message can cost you in your first impression and changes your personal success a lot and also in your individual career or your chance at personal success. 

Whether we are helping an individual to discover their personal style, or to communicate their current style better, we take each and every action carefully through coaching. We help individuals succeed in their styling beyond their plans and appear better than expected.

We grasp key body types and figures. We are a business that understand the importance of well fitted clothes and colors that matched your skin type, seasonal clothing, best clothes to wear on different occasions and matches for your profession.


Who are your clients?

My client are men like you and me between the ages 18-45+, with different professions or all lifestyles who want to improve their image.

Do you go shopping with your clients?

We shop with many of our clients, taking them to stores that will match the style and image we are working to create. We find value in creating combination of personal shopping list together. This consultation can be also online. Afterwards, you can print the pictures and go to your local stores, looking for the same or similar items that we have selected.

Is there a “look” you tend to go for?

We have an open-minded approach that allows us to identify and maximize your strengths. The look we create is unique and appropriate for your personality, lifestyle and goals. A male client looking to climb the corporate ladder at PHILIPS or ASML will want to portray a different image than an executive in the entertainment field.

Who is your typical client?

There is no typical client. We have worked with males ages 18-45+, in all career fields and levels including 9 till 5 employees, doctors, entrepreneurs, entertainers, scientists, singles and students.


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