I am Kevin living in The Netherlands. In the recent years i have developed myself as a fashion, image, hairstylist and designer.

Two years ago i started developing my portfolio, which contains free work, commercial shoots and assignments for online magazine publications. I have taken on the full styling (and photo shoot direction) of models.

As an style consultant i know perfectly how to find out which clothing items look the best on a person. I help people meet and recommend styles for different occasions, social occasions, events or work.

During a personal styling i will personally go shopping with clients who wish to do so, i will analyze their wardrobe, adjust, add new items and give a second life to their disused clothes and accessories. These pieces are donated of reused.

In addition to my passion for styling, I overflow with lots of ideas of what has to do with design. for this i am now step by step releasing my own label with an important code. KEEP IT SUSTAINABLE!!

What i believe is that every individual can contribute a stone to the world of tomorrow, my goal is therefore through my work with people, educating them about clothing and that is very wise to choose sustainability. There are several ways to express yourself to the outside world and still live sustainably without comprising your appearance.

Kolo Kevin photographed by Tiffany Konings
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